Tomato 'Campbell 33'

Campbell 33 is an old commercial heirloom tomato perfect for making soups or for eating fresh. This variety is determinate, producing lots of medium-sized red fruits all at once. 10 to 11 weeks to harvest. Each packet contains 50 seeds.
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Growing Advice

When To Sow

In the subtropics of Australia, Campbell 33 Tomato seeds should be sown from March to September, but hold off sowing until after the last chance of frost has past if you live in an area that recieves frosts during Winter.  In tropical regions of Australia you should sow Campbell 33 Tomato seeds in the dry season, ideally from May to July.  In temperate regions of Australia sow Campbell 33 Tomato seeds from September to November.

How To Sow

Campbell 33 Tomato seeds should be sown about 6mm deep spacing plants about 60cm apart to give the tomato bushes plenty of room to grow outwards.  As this is a determinate variety of Tomato it does not need to be trellised, but will still benefit from staking if you live in a windy area as Tomato stems will bend over and be damaged strong winds.  Plant either in full sun for best fruit production, you can also plant in a location that receives partial shade during the hottest parts of the day and this can help prevent the tomato plants wilting.

Extra Growing Tips 

Cover developing fruits as soon as you can after the fruit have set with a fruit-fly exclusion bag if you live in an area where fruit-fly are a problem.  If insect pollinators aren't active when the Tomato bushes are in flower, you may need to hand pollinate the flowers by dragging a fine paintbrush across the flowers to transfer the pollen from the male anthers onto the female stigma at the centre of each flower.  Campbell 33 Tomatoes have excellent disease resistance, good resistance to cracking and they tend to produce good quantities of fruit even when grown under sub-optimal conditions.

Germination Time

Most Campbell 33 Tomato seeds will take between 7 and 13 days to germinate from sowing, although some may take longer or less time.

Time To Harvest

It will take between 10 to 11 weeks from sowing before you can harvest your ripe Campbell 33 Tomatoes.  Determinate Tomato varieties such as this one will tend to have all their fruit ripen on the bush at once so be prepared for this glut by having your best tomato sauce and soup recipes ready.