Melon 'Honeydew'

Honeydew Melons have a thin white rind and sweet, thick, green-white flesh when ripe. Fruit keep well for up to several months. Takes 14-16 weeks from sowing the seed to harvest. Each packet contains 20 seeds.
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Growing Advice

Scientific Name: Cucumis melo inodorus

Common Names: Honeydew Melon, Green Honeydew Melon, White Antibes Melon, Bailan Melon

Family: Cucurbitaceae (Squahes, Melons & Gourds) 


Cucumis: Cucumber; Greek
melo: Apple-Shaped Melon
inodorus: Unscented 


The species Cucumis melo is thought to be of African origin.  The variety of melon we today call Honeydew Melon was originally known as White Antibes Melon and was first grown in France.


Honeydew melons have a smooth white skins and a thick layer of sweet, greenish-white flesh when ripe.  The fruit can be stored for several months.


The greenish-white, sweet edible flesh is delicious and can be added to fruit salads and smoothies or just enjoyed as is.  The seeds are also edible and are best soaked in brine then dry-roasted, although the seeds are mostly husk.


Plant seed about 1cm deep.  If direct sowing mound up soil into small hills to plant into spaced 80-100cm apart .  Plant several seed into each hill and thin to two or three of the healthiest seedlings per hill a few weeks after germination. Sow early Spring after last frost has past for best results.


Honeydew melon can be slow growing, especially when soil temperature is low.  Grows best in warm, dry regions on soil that is both free-draining and rich in organic matter.  Needs extra water when fruit are small and still developing.  Takes 14 to 16 weeks from sowing to harvest.